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Oh Ryan Gosling… :)


Hey everyone!


Well this morning brought a few surprises..

  1. Waking up in my own bed at 10:30am.  Such a wonderful feeling
  2. GOOD rice krispies cereal calling my name from the pantry
  3. No voice

The no voice part also came with quite a headache, which I chalked up to no having drank any caffeine since yesterday afternoon on my drive back, but I’m thinking that a little head cold is taking over my body.  Again.  This crazy back and forth weather is too much and this body apparently cannot handle it.

However, having my amazing store brand bag of rice krispies back in my life was the most amazing thing in the world.  I swear, I am probably the simplest crazy complex individual in the world.  The complex and crazy part is only inside of my head.  The simple part is every other aspect of my being.   It amazes me that a simple bowl of rice krispies cereal could set the tone for my entire day and make me SO happy this morning.  Yep, it’s official.  I’m a weirdo.

We opened up the building at noon and it was so nice to hear everyone coming back from this short break.  Once the building was opened, I headed to my room to indulge myself in a nice cuddle session with my blanket and couch and a day of watching the Christmas Lifetime Movie Marathon.

The movies were corny and terrible at some parts, but I literally could not stop watching them.  One after another.  Today was the epidemy of a lazy day.  And it was absolutely wonderful.

Later in the afternoon, before going on duty, I ran to Hastings to return my movies that I rented last night and to rent a few more with my credit that I have on my account.  One of the movies I returned was Crazy Stupid Love.

I cannot say enough good things about this movie.  It was great.  I think that they cast it perfectly, but I may be a little biased because I’m the biggest sucker for any movie with Steve Carell in it.  He doesn’t even have to say a word and he still makes me laugh.  And hey, Ryan Gosling’s mad sexy body wasn’t all that bad to look at either.  I have the biggest crush on him.  Good thing he doesn’t read blogs because I would be really embarrassed right now. :)

I rented two movies to watch tonight, but they forgot to pull the security things out of them so I can’t open the dang cases!  Boo.  Well, tomorrow night I will write about how those movies were, if I ever get them open.

Other than being on duty, tonight has been filled with facebook, homework, Once Upon A Time (tv show), Desperately Seeking Santa (new ABC Family movie) and LOTS of Pinterest.  I actually found a new workout routine that I’m going to test out this week from Pinterest’s fitness category.  It looks something like this:

The only modification that I plan on making is upping the cardio to between 30 and 45 minutes, but that’s just because I’m a big ol’ cardio junkie and 20 minutes only feels like a warm up for me.  I will definitely let you all know how it goes though!

Well, tomorrow is going to be filled with working a desk shift, working on finals stuff, and deciding on which cookies to bake and send out for the Blogger Cookie Exchange!!  I’m so excited about this and I have a few recipes in mind, so it’s time to narrow it down to one and get to baking!

Don't these look delicious? :)


Basically, I just like any excuse to bake cookies because it means that I get to eat them.  And the dough of course.  I mean, honestly, I can’t bake cookies and not try them before sending them around the country to people.  Gotta bake to impress!! :)


Well, it’s time now to finish up my paper and then do my final set of rounds before heading to bed!


Hope you’ve all have a wonderful day!


Here’s a Thought:


And here’s a great song:

“Some things I recognize, some things I don’t.  Some things I don’t want to know.  But hallelujah for the simple things, your head upon my chest.  Without that there just is no hope.”



Happy Hippie