The Wimp Complex


Hey There!

Have you ever had a day that was literally full force, head on with no breaks?

That. Was. Today.

I woke up at 7am after going to bed at 2:30 because I was so stressed and anxious about everything that I needed to get done today.  Now, sometimes I can wake up after such a small amount of sleep and be fine (anyone who’s worked at Camp Pinnacle knows ALL about this), but today my eyes were watering and burning when I sat down to eat my breakfast.  After eating, and thanking myself for finishing my paper last night, I climbed back into bed until 11.  Funnily enough though, the extra few hours threw me off even more and it was pretty evident.  I basically looked like crap today.  And I’m totally ok with that.  Because… I didn’t look quite as awesome as this guy.  So, I think I did alright.

Nice netted tank and jorts! :)

After getting everything put together for my program that I had planned for tonight, I headed to the lab to print everything out and finalize it before heading to class.  It was our last class today and as relieved as I was, it was kind of sad too.  I love that class so much and that says A LOT because I typically can’t stand classes that are 3 hours long.   The professor is just so open and accepting of diversity and all of the forms it manifests itself in and it makes learning from her so enlightening.  I always leave there feeling like I can tackle anything and like the things that I do in my life really do make a difference.

After class, I headed to Walmart to pick up some Christmas themed cookie cutters so that I could bake an inordinate amount of holiday cookies for my residents and staff!

This was only half of them. SO MANY COOKIES

The most delicious and gooey chocolate chip cookies ever.

Gingerbread men! Some of them got really fat and unrecognizable in the oven. Whoops!


And in typical Susan fashion, I forgot an oven mitt and just decided to use my shirt sleeve… and I burned myself.

Definitely not the first time I've done this.. and clearly it won't be the last.

After a long time of rolling, cutting and baking all of the dough, I headed upstairs to eat a quick bite to eat and go over my notes for the meeting with my floor.  The floor meeting was basically just to go over closing information, which is pretty darn boring if you ask me, so I thought the Christmas cookies would make a nice addition! I even made holiday colored icing for them!  I absolutely detest icing, but 99 percent of the population seems to really love it, so I went with the majority on this one.  Everyone seemed to ejoyed them, so it was worth the burn! :)

I finished the meeting around 8:45 and being completely wiped out and more sore than I’ve been in FOREVER, I seriously contemplated skipping tonight’s workout.

But I have a wimp complex.

I figured that I committed to going to class today, and I did it.  I committed to baking for my residents, and I did that.  I committed to getting all of my school work finished last night, and I did that as well.  So, there was really no reason why I couldn’t commit to my workout as well.  Basically, I felt ridiculous wimping out just because I was tired.  I’m tired every day and I still get things done.

The workout tonight was GREAT and I am SO happy that I did it.

This picture was in my mind the entire time.  I went tonight planning on just completing the workout as it was outlined on the sheet.  That included cutting back my cardio to just 20 minutes, but the ol’ wimp complex wiggled it’s way into my mind and I decided to go for 45 instead.  Totally worth it.

I completed the first twenty minutes on the elliptical and then the last 25 on the treadmill running at 6.5 mph.  It was one of the more sweaty cardio sessions that I’ve had and I felt pretty proud at the end for pushing myself.

The rest of the workout looked like this:

I did make just one modification tonight because of doing lateral and front raises last night, and that was:

  • I did 20 front raises and replaced the last 20 with “Ryan’s awesome shoulder move” that Julie @ PB Fingers talks about all the time.  It’s no joke!

Other than that, I stuck to the workout as it’s outlined.  Holw cow.  All I can say so far about this workout is that I am more sore this week than I was when I started P90X.  It’s legit.  I will give a full review at the end of the week!

I got out of the gym at about 10:15pm and headed back to my room, vacuumed and then started on this post!  The rest of the week should be smooth sailing and I am so grateful for that.  Tomorrow I plan on taking some cans from our food drive to the local food pantry, getting my brake light fixed and maybe walking around downtown Warrensburg for a little bit.  It’s all decorated for the holidays and looks beautiful!

Outside of Yogurtini with Katy the other night! I love Christmas decorations!! :)

Friday I have a date with Katy to watch some movies and complete our final for our Sexuality Across the Lifespan class.  I can’t wait to be finished!! :)


Well, now it’s time to take a long shower, make some vanilla chai tea and read a bit before bed.


Question of the day?

Would you rather spend more time on cardio or weights at the gym?

Would you rather eat the cookie, or the icing?



Here’s a Thought:


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