Cookie Baking Extravaganza Part 2!!


Holy cow!!!  When I said that I was going to a cookie baking extravaganza today, I didn’t realize just how much work went into baking SO MANY cookies!!  That being said, I think half of the work was done in the preparation and baking, and the other half of the work was in the consuming copious amounts of cookies and cookie dough.  Tis’ the season! :)

Well, today was honestly such a wonderful day and I had the best time over at the Geile’s house.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to take part in their tradition and enjoy such a great time at their house!  When Kayla and I arrived at the house, Amanda and her family were still in the middle of lunch, so we joined them and enjoyed a bowl of homemade vegetable soup (of which I will DEFINITELY be sharing the recipe once I get it!) and a slice of bread.  It was a delicious way to sneak in some veggies before tackling loads of sugary goodness!

Here’s part of the group!

This was during the sugar cookie decorating.  Everyone got quite crafty with their decorations, and Mrs. Geile actually baked a hilarious cookie that was originally a gingerbread man, but morphed into some kind of cheerleader.  It was hilarious!

This is Amanda and Mrs. Geile!  Such a wonderful family. :)

The girls baked, and Nick sat on the counter wearing his hog snout!  Haha

I was the master cookie dough roller!

All of the delicious sugar cookies!  Everyone worked hard decorating and eating these yummy little guys!

After sugar cookies, we decided to tackle Peppermint Bark.  I am NOT a fan of peppermint at all, but for some reason I couldn’t keep my hands off of this stuff once it had cooled!  SO delicious!!

The best and most time consuming recipes was the cinnamon roll cookies.  They were quite difficult to make at first, but we eventually figured out our own little system and they turned out PHENOMENAL!

They are the perfect blend of gooey cinnamon sugar, cookie, and cream cheese icing.  :)

When we were about 3/4 of the way done with baking and icing the cinnamon roll cookies, Renee (Mrs. Geile) cooked up some delicious fajitas and guacamole for everyone to enjoy while we finished baking.  It was SO good and I was perfectly satisfied.

Today was seriously the best day.  It was so great to have a fun girls day (with Mr. Geile and Nick haha), and to laugh, chat, watch lifetime movies in the kitchen, bake, enjoy tasty treats and spend time with such great people!

Once Kayla and I moseyed our way home, Mom and Bob were in the family room watching tv, so the four of us decided to play a game of Pictionary.  It was absolutely hilarious.  Who knew that Kayla had NO IDEA what a stork was… or tinsel…or an off ramp.  We can just blame it on the sugar overload today. :)

Well, it’s time for bed now.  Baking all day really takes it out of you!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday! :)

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