You Know What They Say About Asparagus…


Hey there!   Sorry for not posting this morning.  I had started on a post last night that I was planning on finishing up this morning, but due to some pretty bad pain in my back I was awake until 4:30am and therefore slept well into the afternoon.  Gotta get this sleep schedule in check!  Breakfast this morning was DELICIOUS and inspired by Jamie Eason. :) For any of you who don’t know who Jamie Eason is, don’t worry!  I will explain about her later in the post.  Breakfast this morning was another batch of overnight oats, but I decided to switch it up a bit and it turned out to be a good choice! :)  I didn’t actually take a picture of it, but I found a picture online that looks pretty similar to what mine looked like so I will post that.

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats


-1/2 c dry oats

-1 1/2 c water

-Dash of salt

-1 container Oikos 0% Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

-3 packets Splenda

-1/2 medium apple



1. Pour oats, salt and water into a bowl and microwave for about 2 1/2 min (until they are almost done, but still a little watery)

2. Chop 1/2 apple into small cubes and mix in separate bowl with 2 packets of Splenda and as much cinnamon as you like

3. Microwave apple bowl for 1 1/2 min

4. Mix greek yogurt, contents of apple bowl and final packet of Splenda into the oats and mix well

5. Place covered in the refrigerator overnight

6. Enjoy in the morning!

These oats were amazing.  The bowl was literally SO thick and creamy and so much more filling than normal.  I have no idea why because it’s the same amount of oats and fruit that I normally eat, but I almost couldn’t finish it this morning!  Definitely give this a try. :)

After breakfast, I got up and showered because I had a desk shift to work in the afternoon and needed to get back into the swing of life a little bit.  My little sick/ back injury hiatus has thrown me off track a bit, so a normal schedule was welcomed with open arms today.  About 30 minutes before my desk shift I prepped a quick lunch to bring down with me.  In the mix today: a grilled chicken and spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles.  I also packed a light snack to hold me off until dinner that consisted of two rice cakes a a little bit of PB2 to smear on them.

The salad was so good and my body was so happy to get some veggies in it after being sick these past few days.  It’s really amazing how clean eating can affect your health and energy during the day.   During my desk shift, I worked on getting caught up on homework while also completing my application for Teach for America.  This is something I’ve been working on/ looking into for awhile, but I finally made my decision today that it’s my first choice for a job post graduation.  I’m SO excited.  In the application was a place to pick my top choices for cities/ regions to work in and I listed my top three as: #1- Chicago, #2- New York and #3- St. Louis.  Following that I put Memphis and South Carolina because they both seem like great places to live and work.  I would honestly be so happy with a job from Teach for America that it wouldn’t matter where I was placed.  So keep your fingers crossed for me!!  It’s time for a new adventure and I would love to start it somewhere other than where I’m comfortable living.  I think that we the learn the most about ourselves and our potential as human beings when we are the most uncomfortable, so I’m ready for a big change.  :)

After my desk shift, I came upstairs and threw together a quick dinner of broiled peppered tilapia, garlic asparagus and brussel sprouts seasoned with soy sauce.  Simple and delicious.

Weird lighting...

You know what they say about asparagus though… it makes your pee smell.  Haha.. I bet I just gave you a GREAT visual.  You’re welcome. :)

Alright, well now that the day and the meals portion of this is taken care of… onto my exciting news.  No.. it’s not an awesome workout. Sorry, but my relationship with the gym is going to be on hold for another couple days.  It’s difficult to sit in a chair for longer than ten minutes, much less to even fathom the though of stepping on a treadmill.  I’m getting antsy though.   My news is better than any workout though!!  I have been looking for awhile for a workout/ eating program that will help me lean out.  Now don’t confuse the term lean out with losing weight because that is absolutely NOT what my goal is.  The goal is to decrease my body fat percentage and increase my lean muscle mass and strength.  It is very possible to be thin, but to lack lean muscle and I think it’s something that’s very common in women who are all shapes and sizes.  Well, I found a program (thanks to my lovely sister) called the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 Week Trainer. Jamie Eason is a fitness model, personal trainer and spokesperson for  To read her story, and find out more about her you can visit her personal website here.

The program is a 12 week program, split into three 4 week phases, that is focused on building lean muscle mass and shredding body fat.   I have done research on different programs with the same goal, including P90x and Insanity, and in most of my research these programs approach this challenge by initially increasing cardio and cutting carbs almost completely out of your diet, and then slowly adding them back in and incorporating strength training in the later phases of the program.  Jamie’s program is the opposite, and knowing how many people have had success with both of the BeachBody programs, I was curious to see how her approach fared out in comparison to the others.  After hours and hours of researching her site,, and almost every single blog and review that you can imagine (I take the testimonials on her site, and bodybuilding’s sit seriously, but I like to hear the thoughts of the real women and men who have done this and chronicled it on their own blogs and websites), I concluded that it was absolutely something I wanted to try.


Here are a few things that really turned me on to this program:

1. It’s free.  Completely free.

2. Jamie designed this program (workouts, meal plans, etc…) and actually DID IT HERSELF when she first put it online.  She chronicled her thoughts, progress, and answered people’s questions through several videos that she posted online throughout the 12 weeks.

3. The meal plan is very clean, which is how I already eat.  I wanted something that would not require me to change my diet all that much, but that would still allow room for modifications where needed while still yielding good results.  Funnily enough, the meal plan requires a lot more food than I already eat, so I’m pretty excited about that.  She’s very knowledgeable on how to space out meals, what food groups to incorporate at different times of the day, and how much you should be eating.   There is a meal plan for women and one for men.  At first, it looks a little boring and FULL of protein, but if you keep reading she allows modifications for almost everything.  There are so many other options listed and she has a whole list of approved foods and lucky for me; I won’t have to cut out anything I already eat.  Yahoo!

4. The success that both women and men have had with this program is incredible.  I have read countless stories and reviews from so many people who just raved on and on about how great it was.  Also, almost everyone made their own modifications to the meal plan which I found comforting.  There is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness, and it’s important to know your own body and listen to it when it comes to your diet and exercise.


The first phase of this program focuses on building lean muscle.  This means absolutely no cardio.  For four weeks.  I’m going to go nuts.  I have however read that some people incorporated a 20 minute cardio warm up into their workouts three times a week and still yielded the same results, so I may adapt my plan at first.  However, SO many people said in their reviews that if they could change one thing it would be eating EVERYTHING she says to eat in phase one and NOT doing cardio until phase two.  The reasoning behind no cardio is that the goal of phase one is BUILDING MUSCLE.  When you do cardio, you cause a calorie deficit which is great for weight loss, but also causes muscle loss.  In order to “lean out”, you must FIRST build the muscle, and THEN shred the fat.  An increase in lean muscle causes your metabolism to speed up and ultimately muscle is what burns fat off of your body, so if you don’t have the muscle to begin with, you can’t exactly lean out in the way that this program is designed to do.  I never understood this concept until I was reading the other night about it and I’m so happy that Jamie was able to explain it like that because it completely makes sense.  As for phase two and three, I will explain more about them when I get to them, but phase two incorporates cardio to start the fat burning process and finally phase 3 is about adding circuits to your weight training and doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) with your cardio to maximize fat loss.


I am so excited to get started with this and Jamie makes it so easy.  The website is full of recipes, videos, pdf files for the workouts each day, question and answer forums, etc… Basically every single thing that you need is there.  I’ll be giving daily updates about the program as I go, so if you have any questions or anything feel free to comment and ask! :)


Well, it’s time to go finish homework, take a shower and try to get to sleep early tonight.  Real life starts back up tomorrow. No more time for hurt backs!! :)


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Happy Hippie

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