The Good Kind of Busy



Yes, yes, yes.

That is EXACTLY what Friday feels like this week.  So, I haven’t posted since Tuesday, but I definitely have a legitimate excuse.  Here are Wednesday and Thursday in pictures:


Woke up VERY snotty and sick


Still chose to go to the gym because I am determined to follow this program and complete it

I completed 20 minutes on the elliptical before doing this great workout from the Live Fit Trainer.  Workin’ those bombshell muscles! :)

Did loads of homework...

And spent the rest of the day/ night with my new bff…

 As far as food on Wednesday went, I honestly couldn’t tell  you what I ate.  I semi stuck to the plan, but my appetite was nonexistent due to a surplus of snot running down my throat, so I really didn’t eat all that much.  Boo for being sick and not being able to taste a darn thing.


Woke up early with a terrible sinus headache, but snot free!!


Deemed myself cured, so I headed right to the gym...

I realized immediately upon beginning my cardio however that my body was NOT having it, so I skipped out on cardio and just completed the legs/ calves workout from the trainer.  I have to say as a little side note that I have always been afraid of doing leg workouts like this because I don’t want to “bulk up” my legs, but from the couple of times that I’ve done this workout I have been proven wrong!  As far as leaning out and defining the muscles that are already there, this is definitely the way to go!

The rest of the day was spent like this…

Between class, two meetings, studying, a presentation and a midterm that lasted until 9pm, I pretty much came right back and passed out.  It was an INSANE day, but it felt so good once I realized that I had successfully made it through the week and aced every single test despite my stupid cold. :)

I woke up this morning at 5 am.  Why, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  I have no freaking clue.   After laying in bed for about an hour trying to fall back asleep, I gave in to my hungry tummy and munched on a little bit of Fiber One while I checked some emails and then headed to the gym!  It was a MUCH better workout this morning.  I finally feel pretty much back to normal, so I did 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical before completing the final circuit workout for this week.

Shoulders are NO JOKE

I added in a few more ab exercises at the end because they are my favorite muscle group to work and probably the only exercises that I could do all day without getting tired!


Well it’s going to be another busy day today, but definitely the good kind of busy! :)

I’m heading to get my car inspected in about an hour (which I should have done 3 weeks ago, but I am a procrastinator) and then hitting the road.  St. Louis bound!!  My dad and Jen are headed to Vegas for a business trip, so I get to babysit hang out and have an AMAZING weekend with these guys:




But lets be real; babysitting is just a cover up.  The real reason I want to go home?  Well, I miss this handsome guy and can’t go too long without seeing him!  :)


I this that I miss him the most because he’s the only one who will share popsicles with me, lay on the couch and listen while I play the piano, and my favorite: lay on my bed and listen to 70’s music on my record player with me.  He has good taste.  :)


Time to shower and get movin’!!



Here’s a Thought:




Happy Hippie

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