Absolutely Double Not

Absolutely Double Not

Sorry it’s been awhile.  I’ve been in a little bit of a funk the past few days, but I have officially decided that funk or not, I will post every single day.  Now it may not be a long post, but something is better than nothing. :)


Today will be a short post, but I promise I’ll make a longer one tomorrow! :)


Things I’ve Learned This Week:


1. Finally buckling down and buying a fan after months of sleeping in a room with zero air flow… aka: sweating my butt off every night… was the best idea in the world!!  Thanks for making me do it mom! :)



2. Going to buy the fan right at the beginning of a monsoon?  Not so great of an idea.


I literally got SOAKED. And my eyes bug out a lot more than I thought they did...


3. Getting over a heinous cold?  Don’t waste your money on Mucinex or Sudafed.  Go for a run outside because it will shake up EVERYTHING in your chest.  I have been hacking up a lung for about 3 hours now.  The run was GREAT though!!  I ran through Pertle Springs, which is a BEAUTIFUL park in Warrensburg, but I forgot to take pictures.  Well… leave it to google images to pull up this picture…


This is Pertle Springs in 1924. This picture officially creeps me out. Someone could write a whole scary movie script off of this one picture. I am going to have bad dreams tonight.


4. I have a new found love for frozen margaritas.  Are they good for me?  Absolutely not.  Do I care?  Absolutely double not.


Strawberry... :)


5. I cannot WAIT to get home for break and take these guys to Castlewood Park for my birthday.  No going out this year.  Last year was fun and all, but the three of us have already conjured up a pretty sweet birthday night that sounds much better than the bars. We’re going to hike at Castlewood for a few hours and then go over the beach on the riverfront and grill out for dinner, skip stones in the water, roast marshmallows and make s’mores!


The boys at Castlewood a few weeks ago! :)


Well, that’s all for now!  Time to get ready and head out to see some friends, and then get sleep because it’s going to be a busy girls day tomorrow!  Hilliary, Karley and I are heading to Lee’s Summit for a little window shopping, lunch and maybe a trip to the new cupcake shop!  I’m not a fan of cupcakes at all because I really don’t like icing (it’s a weird complex having to do with my pure hatred for whipped cream.  The only icing I like is on my mom’s birthday cakes she makes), but it will be fun to go nonetheless!  Hope you’ve had a great week. :)



Here’s a Thought:






Happy Hippie




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I'm a 23 year old student at the University of Central Missouri working towards my teaching certification. I have a huge passion for music, healthy living, nature, learning, meeting new people and, most importantly, leaving a footprint on each day I'm given.

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  1. I love that quote at the end. And I agree that running totally helps clear you out. Good for you for actually getting out there and doing it especially since the couch always calls to me when I am sick.

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