Spring Break Recap!


Happy Monday!! I am currently laying in bed writing this post and the sun is beaming through my window.  I can’t wait to go outside for my run! :)

My mom and Bob came to Warrensburg the Wednesday before spring break to go to the banquet for my major with me.  It wasn’t a huge deal, but it meant a lot that they were able to come and meet my professors before I graduate in May.  We headed back to St. Louis that night and so began spring break!  I didn’t have any big plans except for preparing for a big job interview (which I will fill you all in on this afternoon for the sake of not letting this post become a novel), celebrating my birthday, hanging out at home, going hiking with my mom and Bob a bunch, doing a little bit of post interview celebrating with Jen, and seeing the puppies! :)

Obviously seeing the pups was the most important thing…obviously.

Look at her smiling :)

This picture was after a VERY long game of fetch with one of his babies.

And celebrating my birthday, which is also conveniently St. Patrick’s Day.  Birthday’s around here= cake….

They surprised me with this delicious cake when we got to the bar!

And maybe a little tequila… :)

Yep. Clearly a little excited.

I went over and hung out with Jen and the boys the next day and we had a lot of fun just bumming around the house.  I realized that Jake looks JUST like Alton Brown with his glasses on.


And I realized that Wil looks just like… a robot?  I think?  Haha!

I think this was a school project haha


Throughout the rest of the week, I pretty much stayed at mom’s house.  It was a lot of fun to have time to just relax and hang out with her, while I prepared for my job interview.  We went to Castlewood A LOT to hike and it was AMAZING!

It's seriously one of the most beautiful parks. It was a little cloudy that day though.


Also, her and Bob started a new eating plan right when I got home, so I got to try out all of the new recipes with them!  This also meant that the house was LOADED with fresh fruits and vegetables (and a huge bag of frozen blueberries that I demolished throughout the week).  I was definitely a happy girl.

This was one of mom's meal #1's for a day. Look at those fresh berries!


And these were the delicious chicken skewers that they made! I didn't eat one because I had eaten right before I got home, but I picked on the peppers and onions and they were delicious!


My interview was Friday and between the nerves leading up to it, tons of work put into it and the lack of sleep, by the time I got out of there I was relieved and ready to celebrate a bit!  Jen took me to Jilly’s Cupcakes (she won cupcake wars on tv!!!) and we each tried a cupcake.  Silly me completely forgot to snap a picture of mine!!! The one that I got was called the Reese’s Chunkage and it was to die for.  So, so rich though!

This is a picture from the website!


After finishing, we decided to run next door to Down Under and grab two waters (and a margarita for me?) to wash them down.  :)

What can I say? :)


Saturday was spent just kind of bumming around and getting my stuff together to head back to school Sunday morning.  And of course there was a promised trip to fro yo with Jake, as well as shopping for a birthday present for his girlfriend.  :)

Boy we look a little rough here, eh?


So there ya have it!  Spring break St. Louis style!



Well it’s time to go throw something together for breakfast and then head out for a run.  Hope you all have a great morning!



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