Better Than Most


It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted on here.  And by quite awhile… I mean two months and 8 days.  Slacker?  I think yes. Since graduation, SO much has happened.  Oh my goodness.  And if I tried to explain it all on here, it would probably take FOREVER and, to be honest, you probably wouldn’t be all that interested in hearing it all.  So instead, I’ll give you the quick run down of what’s gone on.

1. Moved back to St. Louis

2. After A LOT of indecision… turned down the job with Teach for America

3. Went a little crazy for about two weeks

4. Decided that life is life, choices are choices, and in the end it’s all going to turn out exactly how it’s supposed to.  Everyone’s story is unique and no one should feel like they have to take a certain path if they’re not ready to take it.


After going rounds and rounds inside this crazy little head, I was finally able to come to peace with myself.  In doing this I came to remember a few posts that I had written on here about my craziness; how I jump around from thing to thing, struggle to commit, want the entire world and all of it’s wonder, am never completely sure of any decision I make, but most importantly through reading these posts I remember that these are all of the things that make me ME.  These are the things that set me apart, and ultimately the things that I love about myself the most.


The summer, since this whole enlightening realization light bulb moment, has been much better than the first few weeks.  I moved to my grandma’s condo a few weeks before she moved back from California for the summer, spent a few weekends in Warrensburg to hang out with friends and to celebrate Drew’s birthday, have had some of the best times seeing my sister and doing random crazy things, have spent some time with my family and seeing Jake and Wil (they’re pretty much the most awesome people in the world, but I think you already knew that), have hung out a lot with my Gram and watched A LOT of Lifetime movies (don’t judge), have been working with a boy named Grant and we’ve had some pretty awesome times doing fun stuff around St. Louis, and have spent the rest of the time diligently applying for jobs, graduate school, certification programs, etc… It’s been a lot busier than you would imagine, but I love having a lot to do.  Keeps my mind occupied and keeps me on my toes. :)

Random bits of the summer:

Laaf this kid so much :)

We always miss each other a lot. He was pretty happy I was home for a little while.

Pepe the crawdad. I found him outside of Caddy one night during one of my weekends in Warrensburg. They killed him. But I loved him a lot. And kind of wanted to eat him.

Hanging out wif mah sistaaaa.

I made us some pretty good Margs. Yes.. the marg’s are still kickin! Although I have to admit that I’m not quite up to par with how I was a few months ago. Gotta work on that. :)

Drew and Wil met, and bonded over some x-box playing

Grant at SkyZone! One of our favorite places to go hang out! :)

Met baby Brexton!! You did a good job Colleen and Patter. Love him so much already! :)

Grandma’s birthday!! :)

Kayla and I at the Muny reunion dinner a few weeks ago

So that’s about it for summer! It’s been fun and it’s gone incredibly fast.  Much faster than I expected it would.  I can’t believe we’re already halfway through July!  That means that it’s time to live up these next few weeks and then buckle down because I have officially enrolled back in school at UCM in the alternative certification program to get my teaching certification.  I’ve decided to go for Language Arts for grades 5-9, which I am seriously SO excited about.  I’m working on the job thing and have applied to a couple different positions in Warrensburg, so hopefully something will come through in the next few weeks.  Cross your fingers! :)


This coming week is going to be quite crazy… doing a little furniture shopping with gram tomorrow, maybe seeing Magic Mike (Channing Tatum?  Yes. ), then Sunday is work, Monday I’m heading to Warrensburg for a few days, Tuesday is a job interview and apartment hunting, Wednesday is ‘Merica Bash which is going to pretty much be the best party of the summer so if you’re going to be in the Burg next week you should DEFINITELY plan on being there!, then heading back to St. Louis Thursday, momma’s birthday on Friday, Muny on Saturday, Birthday dinner for mom on Sunday night, and then packing.  It’s time to start a new adventure and I couldn’t be more excited.  I tend be much more comfortable and excited about things when there are a lot of unknowns.  When it’s all laid out, that’s when I get a little fidgety and things just don’t fit well with me.  There are definitely a lot of unknowns right now, but plenty of time to figure them all out.


It’s just life.  It’s beautiful, exciting and crazy at times, but at the end of the day if you can go to sleep knowing that you laughed at least once and that you are genuinely happy despite everything, then you are doing better than most people.


The blog is back alive, so get excited! Or don’t.  But let’s be real, get excited. :)


Here’s a thought:



Happy Hippie

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I'm a 23 year old student at the University of Central Missouri working towards my teaching certification. I have a huge passion for music, healthy living, nature, learning, meeting new people and, most importantly, leaving a footprint on each day I'm given.

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