Jump, Jump Wiggle Your Rump and Walk it Out Like Grannie


It’s labor day weekend! :)


And here in Warrensburg, labor day weekend 2012 means…

  • Kickin’ off the weekend with a GREAT day at work on Friday. :)  When I was leaving for work, I noticed that it looked like an insane downpour was on the way, so I decided to run through McDonald’s and pick up Ashley and I each a frappe because caffeine is a necessity, especially on a rainy day.  Well, it turns out that she had the same idea and had picked up sodas for both of us on her way to work, so it was double caffeine day!  And to top it off, we both had on Razorback hoodies in honor and celebration of the first game of the season being tonight!!  It was such a fun day and the kids were extra good, which means that they had more smileys than frowns on the scoreboard at the end of the day.  I was SO excited because more smileys= The Continental Drift. Now you may be wondering what that is exactly, but instead of telling you I will show you.  Just picture this dance… and a class of 24 fourth graders doing it.  It was seriously the highlight of my week.

  • A nice long nap after school on Friday with the sound of the rainstorm the WHOLE time.  Perfect.
  • No alarm clock for three days.  YAho0o0o0o0o!
  • A rainstorm that has not stopped since yesterday morning at 8am.  I love the rain, but my hair does not.
  • Razorbacks first game of the season!


Alright, well for the sake of enjoying this time to do absolutely nothing, I’m going to log off of this computer and do just that.  Hope you’re all having a GREAT weekend!



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I'm a 23 year old student at the University of Central Missouri working towards my teaching certification. I have a huge passion for music, healthy living, nature, learning, meeting new people and, most importantly, leaving a footprint on each day I'm given.

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