Is my best friend.

She is literally the best person I know, and has inspired me in more ways than she could ever imagine.  She is actually the person who showed me healthy living blogs to begin with, so the credit for this one definitely goes to her. :)

The thing that makes our relationship great is our loves for all almost all of the same things. :)  We both love travelling, especially to Chicago.

We're going to live here one day. :)

We both love health, fitness and exercising, so much!!  Whether it’s hanging out at our house and doing P90X Plyo at 11 pm, or going to the gym together on winter breaks, we both love the endorphin rush that we get from exercising.

At the Race for the Cure

We also both love baking. I could write all of the different things we love to bake, but it really comes down to, blondies.  We bake them almost every time we’re together.  Whether it’s at home for our family, in Chicago for the people at the hostel we stay at each winter, or at home just to devour a whole pan ourselves. :)

We’re kind of nerds, but our favorite times are literally just hanging out, curling up on the couch to read our books, or eat popcorn and watch movies late at night, going to the loop to get Fro-Yo, or just going on any of our other countless random adventures.  She’s the best person to be around, and I never laugh as much as I do when I’m with her. :)

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