I decided to dedicate this page to a few of my favorite things… and given that I change my mind all the time, they will inevitably change, but this is the growing list for now! :)



I have always been driven and inspired a great deal by music, artists, and becoming an artist myself.  Beside spending hours upon hours listening to different artists and dissecting lyrics, I have taught myself to play the guitar and piano as well as dabbling with other instruments, singing and writing songs.

Me, my guitar, and the happy hippie smile :)


I love reading.  So much.  That’s all.


As much as I love ice cream, I have to say that Fro-Yo takes the gold for me.  I love all of the toppings and the different flavors and the creamy good texture.  It’s amazing.



Oh goodness.  I have SO many shoes.  I have an obsession with buying them.  Heels, wedges, flats, running shoes, etc…

New Running Shoes!


This is also another ridiculous obsession.  I have an air popper and I have to admit that it was the best investment I have made in awhile.  It makes the most amazing hot air popcorn that you can imagine.  Yeah, I’m a nerd. :)

Seriously.... the best.

Diet Soda

Now, I know, that writing a healthy living blog and all I am not supposed to condone soda drinking, but honestly, I am obsessed with diet sodas.  All of them really, except root beer because it’s gross.  There is just something so good and bubbly about them!!

Mmmm bubbly :)

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